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G. Garvin kicks off 2020 with a Healthy Fusion at Guy Fieri's Ranch Kitchen

G. Garvin joins Guy Fieri at Guy's Ranch Kitchen and throws down some delicious and healthy dishes to kick off the new year.


Guy Fieri's chef friends visit his ranch to cook, and he challenges them to create healthy dishes instead of the epic, decadent meals they usually make. 

Eric Greenspan keeps the crunch but cuts the oil in a baked Middle Eastern falafel, and he uses the natural sweetness of berries and stone fruit to make a mouthwatering crumble. 

G. Garvin roasts crunchy cauliflower with Greek spices and harnesses the health benefits of ancient grains in a quinoa shrimp bowl. 

Aarti Sequeira boosts baked chicken wings with exotic African piri piri spices and cuts carbs with Korean ground beef lettuce wraps. 

Finally, Richard Blais uses molecular gastronomy to reinvent salmon poke and elevates the simple boiled potato with Greek yogurt and bonito

Premiering Saturday, January 4th at 12:30pm on Food Network.


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