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The G Garvin Guide to Rhode Island

Don't get it twisted, for such a small state, Rhode Island has a huge reputation for great food


For such a small state, Rhode Island has a huge reputation in the food scene. People who call it home are passionate and love a good meal. Providence is a beautiful city and makes for a great vacation for folks who need a break from the hustle and bustle of New York and Boston.

What Cheer Tavern
What Cheer Tavern is a watering hole in the Washington Park neighborhood of Rhode Island and is named after a local phrase. What sets the place apart from your typical bar is their famous wings, which they prepare with unique sauces like bacon hot sauce.

Haven Brothers Diner
Not only is Haven Brothers Diner an institution in Providence, but it’s also the first diner on wheels in America. I can see why they named one of their specialties the Murder Burger- it just about killed me! I had a wonderful time learning about this piece of history.

Bistro 22
Bistro 22 can be found in Cranston, just 10 miles outside of Providence. There Chris Kattawar takes his knowledge of the area and love for rustic ingredients to create a flavorful menu. You’ll love the “breakfast in a jar” and pan-seared foie gras with pickled peaches.

Chef James Mark is a Rising Star Chef who worked at Momofuku in New York. The restaurant incorporates Asian, New England and comfort-food influences to create an eclectically interesting menu. The selections change every night, but you can expect dishes like ham biscuits, roasted chicken ramen, and brown butter-fried skate.

Chef Wayne gave me an amazing cooking lesson at Succotash. The “bruncheonette” concept is refreshing and perfect for a relaxing lunch. I can see why the Forkin’ Brisket BLT is such a crowd pleaser. The Jewelry District in Providence has a real gem in Succotash.

Tina’s Jamaican
Tina's Jamaican Caribbean Restaurant is located in downtown Providence. It’s a great spot to grab a bite to eat while you’re out shopping. Owners Tina and Nevil know and love their crowd. It’s the perfect place for Caribbean food and down-home hospitality. Be sure to check out the oxtail and curried crab!


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