The new season of Butter + Brown is finally here!

Leslie & Seth are back with another incredible season of Butter + Brown! Executive produced by G Garvin and premiering on Aspire TV


Get ready for another helping of Butter + Brown! The hit culinary series is premiering it's second season on Aspire TV Tuesday, October 2nd at 8PM ET, and the season premiere will feature the Butter + Brown's Executive Producer (and yours truly) G. Garvin for an Old School vs New School throw down. Tune in, you don't want to miss it!

Butter + Brown is a stylish, comical culinary series on elevating everyday ingredients into extraordinary meals. It was created and is hosted by Seth Brundle and Leslie Robinson, directed by Theo Macabeo and produced by Issa Rae (‘ The Mis-Adventures of An Awkward Black Girl’) and Chef G Garvin (Turn Up The Heat, Road Trip with G Garvin). During the show, the hosts share how to make more sophisticated drinks and great food using ingredients they can relate to and likely already have in their home…all while having a few laughs along the way!

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