Butter + Brown

An awesome new cooking show featuring friends Seth Brundle and Leslie Antonoff executive produced by G. Garvin


BUTTER + BROWN is a new kind of cooking show that captures the flavor of foodies, lifestyle influencers and longtime friends Seth Brundle and Leslie Antonoff. These proud HBCU grads set out to represent something they couldn’t find on other cooking shows – young people of color in the kitchen. 

This show is focused on elevating the way viewers prepare everyday ingredients, while introducing new and sometimes adventurous delicacies. Executive produced by acclaimed chef and tv personality G Garvin, Butter + Brown viewers will not only enjoy a great, simple cooking experience, but will also be entertained by the duo’s funny anecdotes, witty banter, and surprise guests that pop in from time to time. 

 Specials guests include: Lorenz Tate (Actor, Crash, Menace II Society, Love Jones), Rick Ross (rapper and entrepreneur), Carla Hall (The Chew, Top Chef Finalist), David Banner (ABFF Independent, Actor, Rapper, Music Producer), and The McBride Sisters (McBride Sister Wine Company) among others.


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