The G. Garvin Foundation

A philanthropic platform devoted to improving the lives of youth and under-served young adults through obesity prevention, access to healthy food and culinary arts as a career choice.
The G. Garvin Foundation

The G Garvin Foundation is a non-profit organization recently launched by TV Host and Celebrity Chef Gerry Garvin. It is a platform used to inspire children in the culinary arts and address issues such as childhood obesity, food deserts across minority communities and workforce development in the field of culinary arts.

a platform used to inspire children in the culinary arts

The first Culinary Boot Camp was launched in 2010 to much success, which continued in subsequent launches throughout the following years. An announcement will be made in future for the next Culinary Boot Camp, as well as any One Bite Foundation related events.

Chef Garvin and the G Garvin Foundation will continue to change the lives of those affected by childhood obesity and hunger. We will continue to engage young people in opportunities to learn and expose them to new paths to success.

Please visit to make your donation in support of the G Garvin Foundation. For additional information or questions, please visit